Specialist lecturer of ghostwriter

You have already completed your scientific work and are unsure whether it meets the requirements of a scientific work? Or are you not satisfied with the result? The scientific style does not seem adequately worked out yet? The technical elaboration is not yet solid? The source is still too thin?

In this case we offer you our professional proofreading. Your work will be analyzed and optimized for these standards. This is how we succeed in getting the most out of your work.

Please note that we also offer our services in this segment only for departments in which we also operate ourselves. If your department does not belong to our offer, we recommend you one of our cooperation partners, so that you are in the best hands.

Often we get jobs that are not yet ripe for delivery. The difficulties encountered are of a different nature. We work through these projects first, then back off with a list of items that require over-delivery to achieve the best possible score.

Please send us the complete manuscript to calculate an offer for a lecture on your term paper, bachelor thesis, master thesis, diploma thesis or dissertation so that we can provide you with optimal advice and an individual offer. Of course, our privacy policy also applies to all content that customers submit for the purpose of calculating an offer.

Since the need for revision of scientific papers in the subject area can vary greatly, the offers are of course created individually. Unlike other providers, our ghostwriters calculate the offer on the basis of their work and not by means of a lump-sum risk premium. It is not in line with our understanding of customer focus and fairness that customers should co-finance foreign projects through risk premiums.

Of course, you will receive our offers as non-binding fixed price offer without hidden costs. The offers will set out all aspects of the submitted project. The evaluation relevance of the points to be processed is classified in stages (low, medium and high) and explained in detail. On that basis, you decide which edits you want to make and, of course, retain complete control over your project.

Customer-specific process

We want the customers to have full control over their project. We tailor our processes to your needs.

Protection of your data and interests

We handle your information as discreetly as possible and delete all projects after completion, so that customers have their own manuscripts.

Professional advice & cooperation

Not only do we want our clients to get the best ghostwriters for their project, but we also want them to be looked after and advised according to their needs.

Graduate, academic ghostwriter

All of our ghostwriters are highly qualified academics with years of experience in their profession.