Research by professional ghostwriters

Scientific literature research by professionals

Many topics are highly frequented in the scientific literature, other topics are hardly mentioned. From our ghostwriting experience we know that both of these constellations (and many others) can quickly lead to orientation difficulties.

We are happy to help you prepare a list of current, scientific literature for you. We have comprehensive access to all important book collections and scientific databases of your department. Our years of experience in the creation of scientific texts, we put it at your service and find all research-relevant sources for you.

Of course, we fulfill exactly the specifications that you tell us, and if you wish, we will gladly provide you with the sources determined via VPN online.

Based on the research, we can accompany you further according to your needs and accompany you with exposees, coaching, ghostwriting (for parts or your entire project) or assist you with a technical lecturer.

If you do not have a limited topic at the time of the initial contact or are unsure whether your chosen topic is suitable for maximizing the potential for evaluation, our ghostwriters advise you comprehensively and without obligation.

In conversation or by email, we discuss the scientific standards and evaluation standards for the concretization of your project so that your scientific work is maximally successful. We want you to be able to meet the challenge of your scientific work and master it with confidence.

Of course, all our offer are calculated individually as fixed prices. In doing so, we take into account exactly the respective workload of a project. That’s why there are no price calculators on our website.

Customer-oriented process

We are flexible in our approach to our customers and adapt our processes to the needs, schedules and plans of our customers in order to provide you with the maximum support of our experts.

Individual consultation and cooperation

We want our customers to benefit from our scientific expertise and experience. That’s why your advice is particularly important to us.

Excellent ghostwriter

We put maximum demands on our team and work in long-term cooperation exclusively with highly qualified, experienced ghostwriters. It is important to us that our customers are looked after reliably and competently.