The planning of a scientific work is perceived as difficult by many graduates. Often our clients look for us in this part of the process to benefit from our professional experience and scientific expertise. As experienced, highly skilled ghostwriters, we are happy to help, so you can use our authoring services to prepare for your scientific work.

It is not without reason that exposees are among our core services in ghostwriting. Our Exposees show you the entire orientation of the planned work in detail and thus provide effective tools of your time management and your optimal preparation for a successful preparation ready.

To fully prepare you for your project, a ghostwriting expose includes an outline, the research question formulated, a detailed description of the project, and a list of carefully researched current and thematically centralized literature.

Since our ghostwriters master a systematic and experienced examination of the current state of research and the source situation, we are able to bring a red thread in your desired project time efficiently.

If you have not chosen a topic at the time of making contact or are unsure about the topic, our ghostwriters will be pleased to advise you. We provide you with suggested topics, which are designed according to your needs and wishes. Both your personal preferences and your professional plans are integrated into the theme concept.

We look forward to receiving any information about you and your project that you would like to share with us for the topic development. The university claim profiles and evaluation criteria for scientific work are groundbreaking in the conception of your topic and the creation of your expose.

After the expose, we will gladly provide you with consulting, proofreading, the preparation of partial services of the project or, of course, also the ghostwriting of the complete elaboration.

Data protection

Protecting your privacy is our top priority. All projects will be deleted after completion so that you have your manuscript alone.

Customer-oriented process

With us the customers have the control over your project. Our processes are adapted to your needs. Barware and Scheme F are not ghostwriting ethics for us.

Cooperation & Consulting

We respond to our customers and their needs. We want you to be as happy as possible with your preparation and prepared for any challenge.

Professional ghostwriter

We work exclusively with academically graduated and in the subject area comprehensively experienced scientists together.